Our Aim!

panjabiwave is an effort to bring all panjabi content (video) around the world under one umbrella, so its just a click away to get panjabi content or video.Panjabi culture is the backbone of all panjabies so our aim is to promote the panjabi content that reflects panjabi culture, panjabi life style and everything blended in panjabi. We know there are lot of other websites having panjabi videos but none of them is dedicated to only rich panjabi content. Panjabiwave is totally abided by the rule to publish only panjabi content so that we all can share a common platform for panjabi content. Panabiwave touches the every aspect of panjabi culture and panjabi life style as panjabiwave have different categories for uploading the content (Video). A user can upload folk, news, bhangra and many more types of panjabi content. Panjabiwave is on the defined path and is continue moves towards the aim of its existence. Panjabiwave always serves panjabi with the faith shown by a writer in following stanza: Punjabi meri jaan vargi.. Punjabi meri pehchan vargi.. Punjabi bazurg di dua vargi.. Punjabi niri khudaa vargi.. Punjabi kore jawaab vargi.. Punjabi chamkde aaftab vargi.. Punjabi desi sharab vargi.. Punjabi waris di heer vargi.. Punjabi naina de teer vargi.. Punjabi sajjna de naa vargi.. Punjabi bohd di chhaan vargi.. ehnu rakhyo chardi kala ch mittro.. Kyunki Punjabi ae saadi maa vargi.. Panjabiwave is not only limited to video content but also gives freedom to share, express views, video tagging, video blogging and many more features coming in future as per needs of panjabies. So Panjabiwave encourage panjabies to create channel (or user) and invite to upload, view and share the videos to make strong bond with people who love and live with panjabi culture.